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After Closing

Home Purchase

Filing for Homestead of your Primary Residence

It is important to file for Homestead on your Primary Residence for two reasons:

  1. The taxable amount of your home is decreased by up to $50,000 when the home is Homesteaded
  2. The amount annually your taxes can increase is capped at 3% of the total amount each year. You will need to be sure to file for Homestead by March 1 of the following year of home purchase.

The $50,000 tax exemption and the 3% maximum annual property tax increase is available only for primary residences located in the state of Florida.

For information on appraisers, click on the links below:

Usually there is a company who will try to sell you a copy of your warranty deed. Disregard the letter. You can go to the county public records if you need a copy or contact us and we can assist you.
**Your warranty deed is public record**
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